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30 years old
holidays visa
I have been traveling and working in NZ and have used your guidebooks on many occasions.
When I arrived in ChCh I found a place called "Kiwi House".It is for budget travelers accommodation. It is different, I suppose each place is!
I stayed there for seven months and really enjoyed it. It is different because it offers from one night lodging up to several months or even years! It is cheap and gets cheaper the longer you stay. The clientele are a mixed bag. When I was there we had Canadian, American, Russian, Korean, Japanese and even the odd Kiwi staying(his name was Adrian!). I had a car and it could be locked´┐Żinside the property.
Facilities were clean and secure. The owner has been in operation for 14 years and has recently expanded her premises. Cheers!

23 years old
raveling holidays visa
I knew Kiwi House from my travel book called "Petit fute. When I came to Christchurch, I wanted a little time to try to find a job, that's why I decided to stay at Kiwi house . first at Kiwi house and take a flat after.
Kiwi House is very cheap, compared to the others backpackers. After one week, I found a good job in a cafe and decided to stay in Christchurch.I got on so well with all the Kiwi House people, that I decided to stay at this place and not take a flat.
I stayed at Kiwi House for 2 months and half.I like Kiwi house because you can feel at home , you can have friends, because the people stay a long time and it is very important when you travel by yourself to feel good in your home.Also the Japanese people are very friendly and have a very interesting culture.

30 years old
working Holiday Visa
I have traveled around much of New Zealand and I must say, I have never seen a backpackers better than Kiwi House. All the residents are kind and even Kiwi House staff are always Kind and helpful.
When I made a booking to stay at Kiwi House, I had to explain that I was robbed and all my cards were stolen at another backpackers. Kiwi House staff trust me and accepted me without any card.
I was so pleased finding a new accommodation. You can stay a week for under $100 Kiwi dollar. No way can you stay other backpackers with this rate. I liked the cooking facilities.
I hope that I can still stay from time to time at this super backpacker.

Zohreen Ashraff
23 years old
British (Pakistani origin)

6 months visitor's visa
I found out about Kiwi Hose from the Christchurch Visitor Information Center.
I phoned Noriko and arranged a visit to Kiwi House. I came and looked round - it's was warm, comfortable, reasonably priced, Everyone seemed friendly. I stayed at Kiwi House for 6 weeks. I am a medical student from London, UK, on my elective at Christchurch and decided that I wanted to stay in a single room somewhere. It was difficult to find and move into a flat as I was only staying for a short time.
Kiwi House provided an ideal solution - a very homely feeling and a bit like a halls of residence back home.
There are a lot of Japanese people and they are so friendly and love chatting (+feeding you!) - I've learnt a few Japanese words + the Japanese love getting to practice their English.
I would definitely recommend Kiwi House to anyone wanting to stay in Christchurch for a few weeks/months, regardless of their nationality. And the showers have a good pressure + are hot!)

23 years old
My friend recommended Kiwi House. It is a very good accommodation. Very clean and nice, even the price is very reasonable. And ideal place to stay long term. I like Kiwi House very much!
When I used to live in Australia I was ill, then left Australia to New Zealand. I was not happy and did not know what to do when I arrived in Christchurch Airport. But I met many people who helped me a lot in Kiwi House and they became my friends. Also I felt I'm a family member in Kiwi House. I will never forget the wonderful time that I had at Kiwi House.

25 years old
Working Holiday Visa
I met a Japanese guy up in Picton, kept in touch with him and when I came down to Christchurch he invited me to Kiwi House.
I like what I saw, it was more comfortable than many other hostels. I had stayed in , more like a home. So I checked in! Just coming up on 3 months now, and still loving it.
Very friendly environment, feels like a family now. It's a really great chance to check out the Japanese culture, the food is yummy! There should be more Kiwi Houses in the world.

20 years old
I found the Kiwi House web site while searching for long-term accommodation in Christchurch. After many emails with Noriko, I decided it sounded like a good place to stay. Still residing in Kiwi House as of 17 Aug. '04 (Started to live in Kiwi House early July '04)
I like Kiwi House. I have found Kiwi House to be very welcoming, as well as the residents being very friendly. I came from a very small rural town in Victoria, Australia. I came to Christchurch for a working holiday, and may be study if I decide to stay longer As I am Australian, I do not need any Visas to enter New Zealand or to work or study.

I am sitting in a wheelchair for a long time and traveling all over the world is my passion. For handicapped travelers like myself it is very important to find a good accessible place to stay.
I have found staying in Kiwi House is excellent for wheelchair users because of the accessible amenities. From the front door, right through to the bathroom, and kitchen it is easy to turn a wheelchair and the door is 84cm wide. Kiwihouse offers single rooms that enable privacy.
The location of Kiwihouse is also very good and only a 15 min. "roll" to the city center. Personally I found the staff friendly and extremely helpful! The owner goes the extra mile to accommodate the individual's needs. I enjoyed my stay in Kiwihouse very much and I am looking forward to coming back next year!!
Michael from Germany

27 years old

Our friends from Germany told us about Kiwi House.
Hello Kiwi-Team! I really enjoyed the time at Kiwi House. It's a good atmosphere. I was able to meet a lot of nice people and many of them became good friends. The staff are really friendly and they help you wherever they can. We had a beautiful time here and wanna come back one day. It's good that Kiwi House is not too big. Because of this you have a more family atmosphere! We're gonna recommend Kiwi House to all people who ask us about it. Some might wonder why we never got a job in Christchurch, but that's our secret.
Fun and happiness to all the people out there. Enjoy life and carpe diem!

I enjoyed staying in Kiwi House because it's really familiar. I met a lot of good, nice and very friendly people. Most of them are very good friends now. I have a lot of good memories from this place. It was the first place I stayed in New Zealand and I think it was the best start for my travelling around NZ. Thanks for everything.

27 years old

I have really enjoyed staying in Kiwi House. Everybody I have met during my stay has been very friendly and I have got to know people from all round the world. I thought the atmosphere in Kiwi House was really nice and it meant I got to know people well. As such I think it is a good place to stay if you're staying long-term although I would stay for the short term here as well! The staff are nice and helpful, and being able to rent bikes for $10 a day is good. I would recommend staying here if you are in Christchurch and you might even learn how to speak Japanese!


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