hostel backpacker accommodation in Christchurch New Zealand longterm stay[kiwihouse]
tel:+64-3-377-9287  fax: +64-3-377-9282
373 Gloucester St. Christchrurch  New Zealand

FREE WIFI available!
At SMALL KIWIHOUSE(we have two location), we have Fibre internet!
If you are after fast and reliable internet, stay at the SMALL KIWIHOUSE at 357 Hereford St!

We provide unique accommodation for travelers in New Zealand.You can stay for one night,a few weeks or even a few months.Our rates are more like those when flatting(Weekly rates are available.) If you are new to Christchurch / looking for job in Christchurch/ studying in Christchurch,then Kiwi House will be an ideal place to stay.Easy to move in ,easy to move out.

We have FREE transport to coach bus stops and Central Bus Exchange.(morning and evening only)

Airport and Train station shuttles are door to door,just hop in a shuttle and tell the drive that you want to go to "Kiwi House"!

We are located just outside of the City Center, so very quiet and peaceful area.

Kiwi House is the backpackers hostel.
One night stay/Long Term stay budget accommodation (backpacker/hostel/flat) in Christchurch  New Zealand
Do you want to stay longer than you can in a backpacker? Do you want to stay shorter than in a flat?
We are the only Hostel /backpacker in New Zealand to have this unique accommodation!(weekly rates available)

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